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We are excited to announce our newest program at The Dancer’s EDGE - The Entourage! It is designed to provide high quality technical training in Ballet and Jazz for students who love to perform and are interested in a challenging, team environment. Dancers learn teamwork, dedication, and much more as they prepare routines that will be performed throughout our community!

+ Who is eligible for the Entourage?

Students are selected for the Entourage by invitation each Spring and must be entering Level 1 classes. Selection criteria is based on a student’s technical development, performance quality, aptitude, and love for dance. If you have questions about whether the Entourage is right for your student, please email info@dancersedgeonline.com. What if my student wants to take other genres besides Ballet and Jazz? The Entourage core program focuses on Ballet and Jazz, though students are welcome and encouraged to continue to take other genres as an add-on option to the core program. Students can select from Hip Hop, Tap, Acro, and/or Lyrical classes in addition to their Entourage core class block.

+ What is the time commitment?

The Entourage meets during our Summer 2018 session as well as School Year 2018-2019, concluding with our annual Recital in June. Entourage members enroll in a class block together for 2 hours, one night per week during both the Summer and School Year sessions. This class block will include 60min of Ballet and 60min of Jazz. Students have the option of adding on additional classes in Hip Hop, Tap, Acro and/or Lyrical.

+ Where will Entourage teams perform?

We regularly receive invitations to perform at parades, the downtown Farmer’s Market, half time at various sporting events (Hawkeye basketball, Titans etc) so we’re excited to take our Entourage team to a handful of those events each year! We will communicate specific dates as it gets closer to the start of our Summer session.

+ What is the cost to participate in Entourage?

Monthly tuition + Entourage Fee of $15/month Entourage Performance Pack (Special Entourage Gear Including Shirt, Shorts & Shoes): $75 due June 1st