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Thank you for choosing the Dancer’s EDGE! We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with your child. Please familiarize yourself with the policies below. Thank you for helping our studio run smoothly and safely!


Monthly Tuition Payments

Tuition payments will be due and payable the first lesson of every month, except for the first month’s tuition which is due at registration in order to hold your place in the class. The school-year session is composed of 36 weeks of instruction divided into nine equal payments - the first due at fall registration, and the eight subsequent payments due the first class in every month (October-May). There are no refunds on class tuition.

The Dancer’s EDGE accepts ACH, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Checks are not accepted. You may contact the Dancer’s EDGE if you are interested in having your monthly tuition automatically withdrawn via ACH or debit/credit card. Monthly statements will be emailed on the first of the month. Feel free to inquire in the office about the status of your account at any point in time. A 3% late fee will be assessed to families with an account balance over 30 days past due. The Dancer’s EDGE reserves the right to cancel classes with five or fewer people, and in this instance, you will receive a full tuition refund.

Costume Payments
Costume payments are due November 1st. Costume prices run between $65 and $75 per class based on the age/level of the dancer. The Dancer’s EDGE understands the need to keep these costumes as affordable as possible and requires its instructors to choose costumes under certain price limits depending on the level of the class. We cannot, however, control the rising cost of costumes and shipping/handling. No refunds will be allowed on costumes once orders have been placed.

Class Discounts
At the Dancer’s EDGE, we strive to enable all students to become the best dancers they can be. Often times this level of technique is only achieved when multiple classes across different disciplines are taken each week. Because of this emphasis on solid technical work, the Dancer’s EDGE offers the following discounts:


Attendance & Cancellations

Regular attendance is imperative to the dancer’s ability to develop their technique and strength. The student is responsible for the entire tuition amount regardless of attendance, and no refunds will be given for missed classes. Dancers are allowed to make up any missed classes (including classes cancelled due to weather) in another class of equal or lesser leveling. We do not need to be informed ahead of time if your student plans to do a makeup class. They can simply drop in, let the instructor know they are doing a makeup class, and the instructor will mark it in our attendance records.

If You Need to Cancel a Class
Once registered, your first month’s tuition payment holds your place in class. Notify us in writing immediately if your child will no longer be a student at the Dancer’s EDGE. We will continue to charge your account and the student will continue to be enrolled in the class until we have written notice on file in our office. Billing on your account will not cease until the 1st of the next month after having received written notification. There are no refunds on class tuition. In the event you have pre-paid additional tuition, it will be left as a credit on your Dancer's EDGE account for future use.

Inclement Weather
The Dancer’s EDGE will generally follow the Cedar Rapids Community School district’s decision in the event of bad weather, though we do reserve the right to make our own call if conditions change throughout the day. All inquiries as to the status of classes may be answered by calling the studio and listening to the voicemail message or by checking our website. Remember these classes may be made up in an alternate class time of an equal or lesser level.


Parents are always welcome and encouraged to observe weekly classes from our lobby through the large viewing windows. Only students and instructors are allowed in the dance rooms (except for Teeny Tinies class). Please supervise siblings in the lobby at all times. Running, standing on the furniture, and loud play are not permitted at any time. After one warning, any siblings disrupting other patrons’ ability to work or complete homework quietly in the lobby will be asked to leave.

Instructor Communication
Please remember that our instructors are moving quickly from class to class, and in order to ensure that every child has their full instruction time, our instructors are unable to answer questions in between classes. We ask that parents utilize the instructors’ email addresses listed on our Instructor page or contact the Front Desk with any questions or feedback.

Food & Beverages
Our new Café provides a dedicated space for food and beverages. Absolutely NO eating or drinking is allowed in the lobby, dancer’s lounge or studio rooms, with the exception of water. Students and siblings must pick up any wrappers or trash upon leaving the Café in order to keep the area clean for other dancers. Children may not carry snacks or drinks around the lobby.

Lost & Found
Items left at the studio will be placed in the Lost & Found located in the Dancer’s Lounge. The Lost & Found is cleaned out and items donated semi-annually - after Recital in June and again over Holiday Break. Please check the Lost & Found bin if your student cannot locate one of their belongings. We recommend that parents label all dance shoes, attire, and other belongings with their student’s name. Please secure your valuables and do not leave them unattended. Keys and electronics found will be kept at the front desk. The Dancer’s EDGE is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Parking Lot
Please drive slowly in our parking lot and be cautious of young children entering and exiting the building. We ask that all children stay inside the vestibule while waiting to get picked up. Please do not leave cars unattended in the drop off lane and as a courtesy to other patrons, please park your vehicle if you’ve been waiting more than 5 minutes for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions


We know starting something new can be tough, especially when it involves fitting wiggly little toes into tights. We're here to help.


Billing & Registration

+ When is tuition due?

Tuition payments are due the first lesson of each month (Oct-May) except for September’s tuition, which is due at registration to hold your place in class.

+ What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Checking Account ACH. We do not accept paper checks.

+ What other fees should I expect to pay througout the year?

Registration Fee: None!

Costume Fee: Costume Fee is all-inclusive (tights, shipping/handling, and sales tax). It is payable with November tuition and is non-refundable and non-transferrable. We cannot accept late payments for costumes.

Tinies: $60 | Level 1-4: $65 | Level 5+: $70

Recital Admission: Recital ticket prices will range from $8-$12, depending on the area of seating selected. Dancers do not need a ticket nor do small children who plan to sit on a parent's lap. Recital Tickets will go on sale in May.

+ What if I need to change my student's class schedule?

Our system allows a 24-hour window from your initial registration session during which you can make changes to your schedule. After that, you'll need to contact to change your enrollment.

+ How do I drop a class?

You must email to request a class drop. Dropping a class is not possible via the Customer Portal.

+ Can my student register at any time?

School Year registrations end on October 15th each year. This timeframe coincides with when our classes move out of the review portion of the curriculum and into new concepts. Teeny Tinies class (18mo-2.5 years of age) does still accept registrations throughout the school year, but students ages 3 or higher must wait until the following Summer session to begin class.

In the Studio

+ Can I, as a parent, be in the studio or record my student's class?

Our lobby features large viewing windows so that parents can enjoy watching their dancer in class. For this reason, we do not allow parents directly in studio rooms during class. We understand you want to capture every adorable moment of your student’s class or on stage experience, however, we ask that you do not share videos of class or Recital routines on social media. This is to protect both our instructors/choreographers’ work as well as the privacy of other dancers who may not want to be in a video on social media without their permission.

+ What's your policy on Lobby etiquette?

Our studio is blessed to have wide hallways, though during peak class times, it seems like the hallways can never be big enough! Please help everyone have an enjoyable lobby experience by adhering to the following:

  • Siblings must be supervised by an adult at all times in the hallways, sibling lounge, and parking lot
  • No running, jumping on furniture, putting feet on walls, hanging on front desk, or banging on windows
  • No Food or Drink is allowed in the Lobby or Hallway areas
  • Dance bags for Tinies can go into the studio rooms (or stay with parent)
  • Dance bags for Level 1+ students must be placed in the Dancer’s Lounge, not the hallways or studio room - Please help students and siblings stay out of main walkways by utilizing benches when putting on shoes

+ It's my Tiny Dancer's first day, what do we do?

Tiny Dancer classes are always in Studios C or D (turn right at the front desk and go down the hallway). Studio names are above each door. Tiny Dancers need to start with tap shoes on each week. They’ll change into Ballet shoes about 15-20 minutes into class and keep those on for the rest of the class time. Parents can assist with shoe changes in the studio room or out in the lobby.

+ How do I contact my student's instructor?

Instructors can be reached via their email address listed on the Instructors page of our website.

+ Do I need to inform someone if my student will miss a class?

Please email the instructor’s email address directly with absence information. Company students have a different attendance policy than regular classes and should fill out the online absence form per the Company policy.

+ Where’s your Lost and Found?

The Lost and Found is located in bins towards the back of the Dancer’s Lounge. All items left at the studio are placed in those bins daily. Keys or electronic devices are held at the front desk. The Lost and Found is cleaned out twice a year (Holiday Break and Recital time), so please check for any belongings prior to us donating items.

+ What are your hours?

Our front desk and EDGE Apparel is staffed Monday through Thursday from 4:00-7:30pm.


+ Do all students participate in recital?

All students will participate in our annual Recital except for Teeny Tinies (18 months - 2.5 years) and any classes labeled as "Technique" specifically in the class name. We will do our very best to schedule students with multiple classes and/or siblings in the same show. Recital show assignments will be distributed midway through the school year. Please block out that weekend until you have received your specific student's assignment(s).

+ My dance shoes are different from other students, what do I do?

We require that shoes match our chosen styles (pink ballet, black tap, tan jazz) by Recital time. You're welcome to keep wearing your current shoes until you outgrow them or Recital time rolls around, whichever comes first.

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